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Cotecna opens mineral laboratory in Colombia

Press release     
Geneva, 21 December, 2012

Cotecna opens mineral laboratory in Colombia 

Cotecna, one of the world’s leading international testing, inspection and certification companies, opened a laboratory in Zipaquirá, Colombia dedicated to the testing of minerals. This high technology laboratory, specializing in the analysis and quality control of metallurgical and thermal coals, coke and minerals is strategically located in the Andean region and offers reliable, quality services and advanced testing technology.

The availability of an on-line (via internet) service to request services and deliver certificates and the proximity to major development centers enables Cotecna to respond quickly and timely to requests for the analysis of industrial minerals, especially coal and coke.

Main services include:

  • Proximate analysis: moisture, ash and volatile matter
  • Proximate analysis - extended: proximate analysis + FSI + total sulfur
  • FSI: Free Swelling Index
  • Total sulfur
  • Gross calorific value
  • Petrographic analysis of coals (maceral vitrinite reflectance, maceral composition and reflectogram)
  • Detection and evaluation of coal mixtures.  Allows detection of improper or fraudulent mixtures. (UNIQUE IN COLOMBIA)
  • Analysis by X-ray fluorescence (F to U from ppm to 100%)
  • Coke Reactivity Index (CRI) and Coke Strength after Reaction (CSR)
  • Sampling. Inspection of mines, yards, warehouses, plants, etc.
  • Stock monitoring: support services for structured credits
  • Shipment control: draft survey, warehouse inspection, tally, weight and condition
  • Support administration and laboratory management.

On November 29, the official launch of our new minerals laboratory Cotecna Minerals took place in Bogota and was attended by prominent businessmen. Our General Manager for Colombia, Dr. Alfredo García, emphasized the importance of this laboratory for the development of the mining industry in Colombia, given its high standards of quality and reliability as well as the unbeatable location in the center of the country. The presentation of the wide portfolio of services offered by Cotecna Minerals was given by Dr. Ariel Cadena, laboratory Director, who presented the innovative service coal mixture analysis, an analysis procedure that is unique in our country and is an invaluable tool for the coal industry in Colombia.


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Cotecna Minerals Laboratory
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